Spending time abroad – Fabienne’s morning show


Easter is almost here and that means in a few months a lot of German students will have finished their Abitur and some of them might not know what to do after school. If you’re listening don’t worry, because we have you covered! In our morning show today our host Fabienne interviews two university students, who spent some time in England as an Au Pair and travelling Japan. Maybe some of you might decide to follow in their footsteps!

How to be a “do-it-all-person” in university

We all want to have full control over our lives. We try everything, but are we really in control?

Students have the exact same issue. They are eager to manage everything in their lives, with the aim to graduate top of class without any effort at all. However, reality looks slightly different.

We are Anika, Sanja and Tizian, and our Podcast deals with this issue. Enjoy.

The other side of student life – (good) work work work work


Working while studying? Sounds horrible and stressful to you? Listen to our Podcast and change your mind!
And no, we don’t want to persuade anyone to work in restaurants or shops, we are talking about real good work for us humanities students. With our amazing advice you won’t end up as a sad taxi driver, we promise!