Student Struggles


In this episode we’ll be talking about our top 8 student struggles that we ourselves have come across. We’ll be discussing everything from procrastination, to stress and motivation.


Music: “Let’s Start at the Beginning”, “Credit Roll”, “Glass Android” by Lee Rosevere

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The Other Student’s Life – Social Media


This is a conversation about social media und its influence on our lives. We aim to show you the dark side of social media and how to deal with it. Truth be told, some parts are fictional, yet we are no liars. Little by little you will understand while listening.

The introduction sequence is obtained from the movie “The Dark Knight” ( so is one quotation from the TV-series “Californication”.

A Day in the Life of a Humanities Scholar


In this Podcast, Caro and Sarah explore the psychological damage/improvement (they are still trying to figure that one out) a university education of English and American Studies has on them. Maybe you recognize yourself in one of the anecdotes. Trigger warning: might contain some existential philosophy.

Welcome to VIP Talk Radio


In this week’s episode of our radio show we talk about what students do when they are not studying. As always, we invited some special guests for you: Penny from “The Big Bang Theory” and Ron and Hermione from “Harry Potter” who share their experiences of student’s life with us. Be sure to check it out!