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FlixCast #1 | Nightcrawler & 500 Days of Summer (Reupload)

cupout#1-ethical fashion and sustainability

Between Two Cultures

Next Stop, Travel-Port

The F Word

New Technologies

Stop being so hard on yourself!


New Technologies

“Fire Emblem Heroes”: A Case Study On Gacha Games

Sea rescue

What it means to be an influencer

A Short Introduction to Oscar Wilde

The Representation of Death in Harry Potter

Escape Room

Living situations

FlixCast #1 | Nightcrawler & 500 Days of Summer

“If the world would end tomorrow…”

Music and Dancing

The Posh Sports Podcast: Snooker

Generation WHY ?

What(is a Pod-)cast?

Being female in 2019

Let’s Talk About Underage Dating in Hollywood.

Zero Waste Shops

EU and Memes

Crimes inspired by Movies



Legalization of Cannabis

A Glimpse into History – My True Story8

Is modern media our new sworn enemy?

Daily Struggle – How to become the best version of yourself

Titanic II

Let’s Talk About Underage Dating in Hollywood.



Music & Mood

‘This is America’

Digital Detox

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina – a recent debate?

The Brexitalk : Identity vs. History

Alternative Art in Düsseldorf

The EU and Memes

Teenage Support Radio

Evolution and Revolution of Music in the 20th and 21st century.

The World Cup 2018 in Russia

Arrival – A Movie Analysis

The Evolution of the Arctic Monkeys

Royal Wedding 2018

Trump’s America

Beauty and Media

Transgender Rights

What’s Moving Me: #MeToo

Invented Lives

The Weekly

Unpleasant Design

Dress Codes = Gender Discrimination ?

Pre-World Cup Podcast

Seven Minutes in Hell

The Important News

What is Bilingualism?

The Echo Scandal

Trumps vs. Obamas

How to pronounce GIF

The best holidays of a student

Spending time abroad – Fabienne’s morning show

Zombie Apocalypse

The Secret Life of Students

The Other Side of Student Life

CampusLive: How students relax?

Students & Commuting

Transitioning Into Professional Life

Transitioning from Uni to career

Student Life

Ready for work?

Partyholic meets Workaholic

Generation Radio

How to de-stress your college life

Student Life in Düsseldorf – The ERASMUS Version

Student life in Düsseldorf

Fruitsalad Podcast: Student Life

Dream Job!

Modern Family

…Now what? – Careers for English majors

The Perfect CV

Ace Tipps on Dealing with Social Media

Career in Arts

How Students Release Stress: With a Book or a Movie?

Students abroad

Student Struggles

Cool Things to do in Ddorf when you’re not at Uni

How Students Release Stress: With a Book or a Movie?

Being an Artist

A Day in the Life of a Humanities Scholar

The Work / Life Balance of 3 Students

The Other Side of a Student´s Life

Stereotypes of College Students

Student Stereotypes

Inside Out

Altbeer education

Issues of student life

Different Origins Of Students

2 Girls 1 Show


Hotline Bling

Bridging the Gap


Podcast Campus Radio

Live and let…study?

Student Life 101

XYZ Radio

The Breakfast Chat

Is “mate-for-you” made for you?

Radio DF

Lothar Mixdown

Summer Festival

Wu-Tang Eller

The job interview

Student Life


Survival Skills

Books & Beer

HHU Table Talk

Student stereotypes

What might we be?

Not like the movies

Campus food? Gimme.

Student Life Radio

Food on Campus

Uni = BORING?!

To job or not to job?

Campus Sports

German Vampire Books

Southern Hospitality


What is German?



Culture Shock

School English


Studying Abroad

Dating in Germany


Radio show

France and Germany

German cliches

Elvis and Cobain

Pulp Fiction

Amish People

Baba Brinkman


Travelguide Canada

Radiotalk USA

The Literary Panel