Generation social media – Primary school children and mobile phones


Nowadays children seem to be pretty addicted to their mobile phones. Instead of playing outside with their friends, they play with their phones. But is this actually true? We conducted a survey among school children at the Viktoria primary school in Frimmersdorf. Our podcast presents numbers and facts about this assumption.

Pre-World Cup Podcast

World Cup Podcast

Finally! The World Cup 2018 is just around the corner! This does not only mean that many different football teams from all over the world are training hard to compete with the best of the best, but also the fans are getting more and more excited about their team participating in this tough tournament. We have been traveling around the world to get an insight on how the team and the fans of the current title holder Germany, but also the underdogs from Iceland, Morocco and Iran are preparing for the biggest sports event of the year.

The Important News

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These days, news about sexual harassment or marches for equality and against mistreatment are easily lost in a stream of celebrity news and gossip that apparently interest people more. We decided to make a parody on a newscast and demonstrate how important message may lose significance when people do not show enough interest.