FlixCast #1 | Nightcrawler & 500 Days of Summer (Reupload)

Here at the FlixCast Podcast, we have two friends, Lena and Bastian, who talk about their Netflix movie recommendations. Both suggested one of their favourite films available for streaming on Netflix that the other person has not seen before to get some fresh insight. This time on the show we talk about the Jake Gyllenhaal starring crime thriller “Nightcrawler” and a 2009 romantic comedy called “500 Days of Summer”.

Link to the podcast: http://oralpod.phil.hhu.de/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/SS-2019_habot_franzen_hammerschmidt.mp3

We hope you enjoy our podcast and maybe we could help you find your next watch!

cupout#1-ethical fashion and sustainability

In recent years, we as a society have become more and more mindful of the environment. Movements like “Friday’s for Future” and the push for more environmentally conscious policies started a very important conversation. For many people, “Fast Fashion” and its negative impact on the environment has been at the centre of this discourse. In this podcast we will discuss ethical fashion, the sustainability movement and other ways every singel one of us can make a difference.

Instagram and its influence on our body image – Fitness trend vs. self-acceptance

“My legs for instance, there is this whole entire like trend in the media about the thigh-gap. Like I don’t have that, like that makes me not normal. that makes me not beautiful” – Rachel 14.  

This podcast deals with Instagram and its influence on our body image, the diverse trends of fitness and self-acceptance and how those trends have affected ourselves, friends and can develop into serious diseases.

cut together from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5mP5RveA_tk [0:24-0:34; 2:47-3:07; 4:42-4:55]
cut together from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uotg530Aa7Q [5:24 – 6:24]