Elvis and Cobain

The two great Kings of Rock united for once in this episode of the OralPod. Learn more about their childhood, adult life and of course their intoxicating music.

How did a boy from Mississippi and a lad from Washington state end up the uncrowned Kings of Pop and Rock?

Get your ears rocking and listen in on this Elvis and Cobain- mix!


Real-life interaction with top athletes, rock band performances and lots, lots, lots of high-class contestants chasing after the next big chance to show off their skills: Welcome to the annual X Games!

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Travelguide Canada

Where to go and what to do when paying a visit to the world´s second largest country?

With a focus on the city of Vancouver this podcast gives you a very personal view of Canada.

Find out the whats and wheres in this episode of the OralPod Summer Edition.

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Natural wonders of the USA

Skyscrapers, cities buzzing with life and noise, super big highways crammed with cars – that is what most people think of when they think of the USA. That this is a completely different side to the country of the free and the brave is what this little radioquiz shows.

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Radiotalk USA

Moody Mannee takes you on a fun engaging quiz all over the United States. In this episode selected calls have the chance to win a trip to the USA.

This staged radio show will inform you on various cultural and natural aspects of the United States and provide a fun quiz, where you can test your knowledge of America ;)