S4S – Students for Students


In our radio show “S4S -Students for Students” we talk about all the stuff students want to know: No idea what to read next? Listen to a new episode of “Britta’s Borrowed Books”! You need something fun to do, to get out the house? Wait for “Out & About”! Or you just need some good music to tune out the exam stress? Tune into our “S4S Night Life Special”!

Issues of student life


As four students stand in front of a locked class room, wondering what’s going on, they start to talk about all the things they did not know about student life and university organization before starting college. They share their experiences and talk about all the things that would have been good to known beforehand.

Should you look forward to your life as a student?


After years of experience, five students are looking back on their university life and try to pass on useful tips to newbies and wannabe students. In this as real as it can get podcast, you will hear the brutally honest truth about expectations, failures, uncertainty and motivation.