In how far is Germany different from other countries?

Do you know what we consider to be traditional German food?

This podcast gives you a great idea of everything that makes Germany the country it is – including the delay of public transportation and the great German soccer-players!

Find out more about the things Germany has to offer!

France and Germany

Listen to three students talking about differences between Germany and France.

What is the reason for the low birthrate in Germany?
Where are you not allowed to drink in the streets?
Make up your own mind about going to France as an Erasmus student and listen to the girls discussing French prudishness as well as German beer:

German cliches

What would a students´ podcast be without them: Cliches! And because we are German we like to talk about one kind of cliche the most: German cliches.
With a very self-critical approach to the topic this group of students will make you laugh as well as think about what cliches you might have heard of already and which ones are totally new to you.
Are Germans really as punctual as everyone says and does every German love his car as much as his son?

A German Christmasmarket

Have you ever heard of the famous German Christmas markets?
Do you know what “Glühwein” is and until when the Christmas markets are open for the public?
If you have or haven´t heard of all of that before, this podcast will make you want to dress up warm and go to one of the traditional German Christmas markets right away!