Germany – Beyond Bratwurst and Beer

All over the world, German culture or more specifically German food culture, seems to be limited to what is traditional in Bavaria. But to what extent are those prejudices and clichés true? Do Americans have a more enlightened view of Germany than Germans expect them to have? Do German people behave subconsciously “typically German” perpetuating these prejudices? In this podcast, we would like to show that the lives of German students, especially in terms of food, go beyond your expectations! Guten Appetit!

Do’s and Don’ts in Germany – The How To Show

Do you plan to visit either Germany or the U.S.? In his radio program „The How-To Show“, Homer Washington will introduce you to Prof. Liberty and Dr. Kraut, who will give you some helpful information on some dos and don’ts and how to survive as a first time visitor.

German Actors in Hollywood

Have you ever wondered why there are so few German actors starring in the big Hollywood blockbusters? Or what makes those actors special that do succeed there? In our podcast we will take a look at those actors who have achieved varying rates of success in Hollywood and discuss the factors which decide whether an actor is successful there or not. Tune in to this week’s episode of OralPod – the Student’s Podcast.

Regional Differences within Germany

Not every German is the typical grim beer drinker, as many people from other countries might think. In fact, not only foreigners hold prejudices against Germans, but there are also inner German clichés and the “grim beer drinker” is only one of many different images that exist. What clichés are there? Where do they come from? Find out in this Podcast!

The Vampire of Düsseldorf

Do you adore Halloween? A real bloody, scary, horrific Halloween? A shame it’s only one time a year! One day is simply too little! Witches! Zombies! Vampires! Why can’t they be a part of everyday life? Actually, they can! Listen here to a really real story of Vampires in Düsseldorf. Turn on your speakers and enjoy the latest episode of Canan’s Charming Universe! Stay tuned!

Studying Abroad

What do New Zealand, Romania, the Netherlands and Germany have in common? They are all countries where students can go to study abroad. In our radio show we interviewed young persons who were brave enough to step outside their comfort zone to explore the world and its campuses.  Is the ‘hunger’ for adventure the only reason behind studying abroad or is there more to it? Hopefully these stories will inspire and entertain you.