Radioshow “The Wake Up Crew” Travelling: National Parks vs. City

Today’s show “The Wake Up Crew“.

It is okay for freshman students to be uncertain and even a little intimidated by their new life span. They will encounter a lot of different things, like managing a work-life balance between school, friends, family, jobs and  responsibilities. Today’s guests are both students and they will give us an insight into how they manage to keep this balance.

Student Life – preconceptions vs. reality

The German Studentenwerk, a national student union funded by the government, is currently asking students to partake in a social survey about student life. In order to promote their survey, the Studentenwerk took to the streets of Berlin and asked pedestrians what they thought of students and their everyday lives. Some answers were: “they sleep a lot”, “they drink a lot and are basically freeloaders”, “partying”, “They enjoy their lives to the fullest”, “There are too many students in my opinion and not enough people who do real work”.

The question we would like to pose today: Is that really our reality? Or does student life look different to us?