EU and Memes

WS 18-19_Habot_Burcu Cay, John Falk Schulz-Bongart, Ayleen Kehrbusch and Hannah Maria Roßbiegalle

This podcast is about Memes! And we will give you a definition of memes. But the big question you might ask yourself is…. why do we talk about memes? Well, we talk about memes because they are endangered!! Yes, you read it right…memes are in danger and if article 13 gets through they will be an extinct product of the internet! And we might even have to deal with memes, as if they were illegal drugs just to bear the great loss we all will experience, since we cannot get our daily prescribed amount of memes!

A Glimpse into History – My True Story8


This is the story told to me by my grandfather Ivan, who survived the atrocities of the Soviet Regime. The story offers you a glimpse into the history of the Soviet Union and the Ukraine and especially the Holodomor (literally translated from Ukrainian as “death by hunger”). This Great Famine of 1932 – 1933, a man-made famine in the Soviet Ukraine’s Kuban Region (now a part of the Russian Federation) and in the Kazakh Soviet Republic (now Kazakhstan) killed millions of ethnic Ukrainians. Some scholars still argue about the number of deaths – estimates range from 3,9 to 12 million.

Convention Time! Two fans – two experiences


You think you know everything about fan conventions and that they are not your thing at all? Hm, are you really sure about that? In this podcast we briefly talk about fan conventions and make a few suggestions about which fan convention might be the one for you.


Purgator Con (PurCon):

Walker Stalker Con:

Comic Con Germany:

Comic Con San Diego:

Fairy Tales And Feminism


Banning fairy tales? What? Why?

In a recent interview Keira Knightley claimed that she does not permit her daughter to watch traditional Disney movies because they serve as bad example for girsl. This statement sparked a heated debate about what kind of role gender stereotyping plays in children’s media and if it is necessary to even ban traditional fairy tales from children’s bedrooms. In this podcast we present some of the debate’s main arguments.