Spending time abroad – Fabienne’s morning show


Easter is almost here and that means in a few months a lot of German students will have finished their Abitur and some of them might not know what to do after school. If you’re listening don’t worry, because we have you covered! In our morning show today our host Fabienne interviews two university students, who spent some time in England as an Au Pair and travelling Japan. Maybe some of you might decide to follow in their footsteps!

…Now what? – Careers for English majors


So, you just finished your English studies bachelor degree and now you have no idea, what to do next?

Don’t fret, this podcast will give you an insight in some fields of work, and an in-depth look into the fields which we are personally inclined to work in.


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“University Life – All Access”- Student Life In South Korea


South Korean students consistently achieve the highest reading scores around the world and consistently place above average in proficiency in science & maths, as assessed by PISA.

Find out how one of our listeners experienced her school years in SK in this latest episode of “Student Life-All Access”.




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The Perfect CV

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You want to be hired? Then you’ve got to listen to this ultimate guide to getting your dream job! Serious Sunday host Andrew Anderson Andrews welcomes three extraordinary young guests who share their experiences and insights on creating a CV that will impress employers. You want the perfect CV? Tune-in and explore the different aspects of CV writing with our very articulate host and his guests of questionable competence.

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