Evolution and Revolution of Music in the 20th and 21st century.


Music is more than sound waves that hit our eardrum. Especially in the 20th century, music became socially and politically very important. A song writer is well aware of the fact that lyrics are published and how this can have an effect on the listener, but once a band becomes famous, words and content of their music is spread all around the world. Suddenly the impact is incomparable, and a band can reach more than just hometown. How important it is for a band to know that they can reach out and further that they will reach, that do not only show the Beatles but also bands like anti-flag, who are still active today.

Beauty and Media


This Edition of “Beauty and Media” deals with how media influences our
self-perception and can contribute to body shaming and eating disorders. We
will receive an insight into this topic through the eyes of the successful
model, Mandy Brown, and the famous psychologist, Dr. Linda Martin, who is
renowned for her works on how media impacts women’s self-perception.