Update 3: Creative Writing

Hi everybody,

This week’s update is all about writing. We are currently entering the first important stage of our project. The students are now assigned to write a short draft of a conversation based on their topic. Within a time limit of about 5 minutes they can write (talk) about whatever they want concerning their chosen topic.

At the moment the groups try to figure out, which speaker roles will be present in the podcast and how to organize and structure their texts. At this stage of the project it is vital for everybody to work together and create a first scripted version of their conversation.

Later on the students will be asked to mark specific parts in their script in order to help them with pronounciation. For example, students may use symbols to indicate pauses or a rise and fall in their voice. This technique will help us to get done quickly in the recording studio and deliver a high quality conversation on tape.

If you have questions about the current progress of the project, please feel free to leave a comment. We will be back shortly with more information on the podcasts and some first examples of scripts.

Have a nice week!

Kirsten & Marc

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