The Sound of Happiness

Music is a source of happiness for many people – including us. We want to explore the sound of happiness with you and give you an insight into our own personal stories. What does happiness sound like to you? Listen to your heart!

Producers: Mia, Sarah & Josefine

If you need some happy vibes check this out:


Intro: “The happiness in me” – Original Song written by Josefine Ernst

Music during the poem:
Ambient, Meditation – In Eternity by Andrewkn
Ocean Chills Loop by YellowTree
2018-08-10 by Doctor_Dreamchip
Happy Background Music by Migfus20
Guitar Jam in Ableton Live by ValentinSosnitskiy

Picture: Photo by Mohammad Metri on Unsplash

2021 Summer: Happiness!
2021 Summer: Happiness!
The Sound of Happiness

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