(Un)Happiness during Covid-19 and Lockdown

In todays episode we have to special guests. Together we talk about how much the pandemic and lockdown has impacted our well being and mental health as well as our very own experiences. Are there any ways to overcome this hard time? To find that out, I recommend grabbing some snacks, a tea, lean back and enjoy my podcast.

About the podcast: Hi, I’m Vik and I am the host of “Keeping up with Viktoria”. In todays episode I invited my friends Sara and Min. A gamer girl, a bookworm and a kpop stan, what’s a better combination for a great podcast ;)?

results of the survey:

How happy were you during lockdown: 90% I was not that happy, 10% I was doing alright, 0% I was a happier in lockdown, I was as happy as before the pandemic started,

Did you feel lonely during the lockdown: 90% Yes, I did, 10% No, I didn’t

Did the use of social media help you to deal with your loneliness and overcome it a bit?: 93,3% Yes, it did, 6,7% No, it didn’t

Did the lack of social contact impact your mental health: 86,7% Yes, it got worse, 6,65% No, I always preferred being on my own, It actually got better

What did you do to increase your happiness during lockdown: 46,7% Find new hobbies, 73,3% make internet friends, 60% read books, mangas, comics etc., 26,7% spend time with family, 80% listen to music, watch movies/ TV Shows

2021/22 Winter: Happiness in the Pandemic
2021/22 Winter: Happiness in the Pandemic
(Un)Happiness during Covid-19 and Lockdown

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