Information for Lecturers

Managing Series

  • In order to display podcasts by semester, you will have to create a new series for each semester. These can be found in the menu Podcast –> Series.
  • Enter a name and slug that is similar to those already existing. You may also enter a description of this series.
  • You need to create a series before telling students to submit podcasts for that semester, otherwise they might not be able to choose the correct semester for submission.
  • Naturally, you can also edit existing series, add or correct descriptions, edit the series name, etc.
  • If you stick to the current naming scheme, series should continue to be display in chronological order (it’s sorted alphabetically)

Approving Podcasts

  • Since students can submit their podcasts themselves, you merely need to approve them. You can do so by going to Podcast –> All Episodes. (Students are not allowed to publish their own posts because this might be a security risk – technically any university member can register and might abuse the blog by posting inappropriate things).
  • To get a better overview, you can filter the list to only show pending posts.
  • You can now “Preview” the post, and if there are no edits required, you may Publish it:
    • via Quick Edit (setting the Status dropdown from “Pending Review” to “Published” and clicking “Update”)
    • or by clicking Edit, doing necessary edits and clicking Publish
  • Make sure that the student has correctly filled in all fields as described on the site Information for Students before approving their posts.

Important Things to Know

  • Audio files have to be saved in the “Podcast Episode Details” box below the main text area, otherwise they will not appear in the feeds (and thus, not in the actual podcasts).
  • Students can only submit their own work. They can not edit or delete other students’ posts. They can also not publish their own posts.
  • All pages containing podcast episodes are automatically generated and usually sorted by date with the most recent submission showing first / at the top of the list.