Green, Greener, Green New Deal

From reports to summits, there has been a forceful debate around climate change for over a decade now. The scientific consensus is that we are running out of time to react properly, yet little action has been taken. A Green New Deal could turn the tide but is villainized for its ambition. We think it is just the solution we need.

The Fool

Madame Katrina:

  • Herbalist and medium
  • Healing spells
  • Fortune telling
  • Tarot reading

In situations of great decisions and turning points in your life it is crucial to have someone on your side who knows more.

Communicating with the spirits of the other world gives supernatural support and assurance that you need in your life.

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The Future Role & Influence of English

In this podcast, we talk about the future influence of the English language. We all, native speakers of English and non-native speakers, know that English has a massive influence. Yet, you might wonder how this might develop in the future? How much more would the German language, our native language, change due to English and what does this have to do with the finale of Germany’s Next Top Model 2020? And is there a language that could challenge the current position of English? Join us as we discuss our thoughts and ideas.

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The Influence of Social Media on our Future

Are you one of these people who are always glued to their smartphone? Or have you observed the younger generation ever being WITHOUT their phones? We highly doubt it. In today’s episode we are discussing the immense use of social media and the possible outcomes for the future as well as how this could have an impact on YOUR future life.

Tiny Homes – Sustainable Living For The Future

Many people dream of owning a nice apartment or house in the future, but the recent years have also shown us how important sustainability is. The solution to combine resourcefulness with home ownership? Tiny Homes! Listen in to hear hosts Lara and Annika talk about the many aspects of Tiny Homes and how they will be part of our future.

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The Future of Language Learning

Why bother using our brains when there’s technology to do it for us?

In future there could very well be translation programs that make learning new languages seemingly unnecessary. So why should we still bother?