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How Music Manipulates Your Emotions

Men, you need to listen to us!

A Podcast about Podcasts

Are people with AD(H)D bad listeners?

The Advice Giving Habit

Make listening great again

Humor throughout history

How does Humour effect our Relationships?

Humour in Eastern Europe

Why are bad movies funny?

Humor in relationships

Humor as a Coping Mechanism

Michelangelo’s Sense of Humour

What‘s funny anyway? – Memes

Humor in Neurodivergent People

Humour across cultures

Our Humour in 2022

About Houses, Frogs and Irony

Different Comedy Styles

How a pandemic affects our mental health

Quick Guide to Happiness

How Covid Influenced Our Paths to Happiness

Laughter: All For Humour’s Sake?

Our Happiness in COVID

Can meditation affect our happiness?

Happiness and Terror: What is up with clowns?

Happiness during COVID

“How are we all doing?”

“Money cannot buy happiness”

Selflove is a key to happiness!

A future without Corona

(Un)Happiness during Covid-19 and Lockdown

Happiness during Covid

Back On Campus – A Survival Guide

The Pandemic Abroad

Society’s obsession with happiness

Habits That Bring Us Happiness

Life’s Little Pleasures

Self-Care – What it is all about?

Easy steps towards Happiness

About the Small Things in Life

Forest Bathing for Beginners

Is gratitude the secret of happiness?

The Science of Happiness

Every man is the architect of his own fortune

Healthy Habits

Help yourself by helping others

Mental Station

Society’s influence on happiness

To be or not to be in the present moment

Serenity of Soul

The Alex & Alex Show: Flow

The Future of Gaming

Green, Greener, Green New Deal

The Influence of Social Media on our Future

The Abbreviating Time Traveller

Corona – Effects on our Future?

Future of Cinemas

Erasmus Experience after Brexit

Green Building and LEED

Musicate Podcast

Tell me what the future holds

What do you want to be remembered as?

Cheers to the Apocalypse!

Family Dinner in the Future

Why think of the future?

Sustainability Daily ❦

Moon Hotels: A Concept

What it means to be an influencer

Mars as Planet B

Future Suspects

Discrimination, Sexism, Transphobia

The Disney Dilemma

TeaTalk – Banksy

☕CoffeeTalk: Gen Z’s concerns about the future

A wild Deadline appears

Studying Abroad

Better Streaming

Modern Campaigning – The U.S. Election 2020

Between Two Cultures

Next Stop, Travel-Port

New Technologies

Stop being so hard on yourself!

New Technologies

What it means to be an influencer

A Short Introduction to Oscar Wilde

The Representation of Death in Harry Potter

“If the world would end tomorrow…”

The Posh Sports Podcast: Snooker

Generation WHY ?

Crimes inspired by Movies


Legalization of Cannabis

A Glimpse into History – My True Story8

Is modern media our new sworn enemy?

Titanic II



Music & Mood

‘This is America’

Digital Detox

The Brexitalk : Identity vs. History

Alternative Art in Düsseldorf

Teenage Support Radio

The World Cup 2018 in Russia

Arrival – A Movie Analysis

The Evolution of the Arctic Monkeys

Trump’s America

Beauty and Media

Transgender Rights

What’s Moving Me: #MeToo

Invented Lives

Unpleasant Design

Dress Codes = Gender Discrimination ?

Pre-World Cup Podcast

Seven Minutes in Hell

What is Bilingualism?

Trumps vs. Obamas

The best holidays of a student

The Secret Life of Students

The Other Side of Student Life

CampusLive: How students relax?

Students & Commuting

Transitioning Into Professional Life

Transitioning from Uni to career

Ready for work?

Partyholic meets Workaholic

Generation Radio

How to de-stress your college life

Student life in Düsseldorf

Fruitsalad Podcast: Student Life

Ace Tipps on Dealing with Social Media

Career in Arts

A Day in the Life of a Humanities Scholar

The Work / Life Balance of 3 Students

The Other Side of a Student´s Life

Stereotypes of College Students

Student Stereotypes

Inside Out

Issues of student life

Different Origins Of Students

Is “mate-for-you” made for you?