Humans For Up

What Really Matters – on this week’s episode we’re talking about the topic sustainability. In detail: Sustainability in fashion. Our special guest Melissa is talking about her project “Humans for Up” where she combines fair fashion with a humanitarian twist.

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Tell me what the future holds

Nadja’s and Serina’s mystical box 

In this weekly podcast the two students Nadja and Serina like to discover new and mysterious things together. In this episode the two dive into the occult world and talk about ways to predict the future. The hostesses take a look at Astrology and Tarot and give their listeners a little inside into those practices, as well as into Nadja’s and the world’s future.

Cheers to the Apocalypse!

Marta, Julius and Katrin carry you off to a dystopian version of what our planet might look like in a hundred years. In 2119, Earth has become a rough place, resources are fought over brutally. As the end is nigh, three members of the resistance talk about their meagre perspectives – which calls for a drink!

Why think of the future?

For thousands of years humanity has come up with visions of how the world may look like in the future. But today, something more frightening and more realistic seems to concern us: Climate change. With this issue in mind, both of us have prepared a different version of what we imagine our future to be like, including one positive and one negative approach. If you are curious about what we have come up with, just click on the ‘play’ button below!

Sustainability Daily ❦

Welcome to our first episode of “Sustainability Daily”! In times of climate change and an increasing awareness for our environment, we want to show you tips and tricks on how we can improve our everyday behaviour in terms of sustainability. This episode will focus on transportation, food and waste.

Plastic waste in the ocean – discussion and what we can do

In the last few years plastic waste in the oceans has become more and more problematic. Plastic pollution can now be found on every beach in the world, from busy tourist beaches to uninhabited tropical islands. In our radio podcast we are going to discuss different points of view about this topic and provide ideas on how to support a positive development.