Update 1: Introduction and Theme

Hi guys,

We are back with our first update on the project. This week we will discuss the broader topic of the project and it’s intended audience.

First of all, the project is part of “Oral Skills” a seminar offered to English majors at the Heinrich-Heine University Düsseldorf in order to improve their spoken English. The seminars are held to give students more confidence and diversity when speaking English among each other and in possible future careers.

The podcast project is a final step for young students to get their English out into the world and to experience natural English conversations in a non-English environment.

America & Canada: North-American Studies

This term’s theme will be North-American studies. All students will create podcasts within this broad field of possible topics. Whether they want to talk about movies, literature, music or other cultural phenoma is completely up to them. You might hear a podcast on South Park and the depiction of Americans as well as Canadians or a fictional interview with one of America’s greatest authors. There are plenty of options and we already see some very interesting ideas coming up.

That is it for this week’s OralPod news. Feel free to leave comments and ask questions.

Have a nice week!

Kisten & Marc

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