Update 5: Pre-Recording

Hi everyone,

Today will be all about practice and getting the students ready for their first recording session. In the past couple of weeks the groups have worked on producing original texts on their topic and turn them into “detailed pronounciation guides”. Now it is time to put their work into action.

The students are now asked to read out their texts and practice as a group. The main focus is on pronounciation and word stress in order to give the scripted version a more natural touch. Exercises for the students include, reading texts with different emphasis on intonation and accent or acting out their “conversations” / texts like it were actual scripts for a movie.

By doing that we are trying to give the students the opportunity to get used to talking about their topics freely and more naturally. The scripts are now used as a guideline in order to correct pronounciation mistakes and to avoid grammatical errors. It is our goal that students may present their final version of the topic without using the scripts too much or even at all.

We’ll be back soon with the first recordings and behind the scenes material from the studio.

So, stay tuned!

Kirsten & Marc

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